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About Us

Early Literacy Academy Childcare Center is a safe, clean and nurturing environment for children six weeks to five years old. We provide children with research-based learning opportunities designed through play and inquiry that capitalize on a child’s natural curiosity and excitement.


We focus on all aspects of your child’s development including language, social, emotional, physical and cognitive while fostering partnerships with families that set the foundation for lifelong learning, health and well-being.

Family-Teacher Partnership

The family-teacher partnership at Early Literacy Academy Childcare Center helps children build a positive attitude toward themselves, language, literacy, and all areas of the curriculum. We believe that you are your child’s first and most important teacher and together we produce a stronger program for your child to foster a lifelong love of learning.


Family involvement is important and we actively and work to create ways to involve families in our program. The center partner with you, the family, to ensure your child’s success. Family involvement, family satisfaction and shared decision making about your child’s experience are essential to the program at Early Literacy Academy.

Teachers use brightwheel for recording and tracking daily events and activities daily activities in the classroom. As a parent, you'll get private, real time updates on your child delivered to your mobile device throughout the day.  You can also utilize the secure, online system for receiving invoices and receipts for tuition, as well as electronic payments.

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